Fort Saint Davids Department of Draft Dodging

Last time we checked in with Fort Saint Davids, he had moved his bed from the center of the room in accordance with the teachings of the Great Emperor Foong Schwoong the Tenth, only to find that the bed was now located beneath a deadly cold blast that gave him sleepless nights that were filled with the distinct sensation of being devoured by an Ice Wolf.

In a desperate attempt to dodge the draft, FSD has done the unthinkable and has reversed the location of his pillow and now sleeps backwards.

Besides the fact that having no wall behind your head leaves you wide open for a monster attack, the new setting has caused extreme consternation and confusion for Molly the Cat, who tries to snuggle as per usual against the warm shoulder of FSD and instead finds a foot.

ITEM: Daily Miltonian would like to apologize for the broken link on Thursday’s Song. That was a dope tune that we really wanted you to hear, and you couldn’t. But now you can. Scroll that baby back down to Thursday’s Song and click with confidence!


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