“Slate-Colored” Dark-Eyed Junco

“Slate-colored” Dark-eyed Junco

The head, neck, upper breast, sides, upper flanks, wings, and upperparts are slate gray, while the lower breast, belly, and undertail coverts are white. In males the head, chest, and upper flanks are darker, forming a hood. The bill is pink, sometimes with a darker tip. Legs are pinkish brown with darker feet.

Dark-eyed Juncos are between 5 to 6.6 inches (13-17 cm) in length. Males are slightly larger and more brightly plumaged than females. While plumage characteristics vary, all Dark-eyed Juncos exhibit a basic plumage form. They are predominately gray above with white or pinkish wash to the undersides, with white outer tail feathers.

In our area, they typically arrive in mid-to-late November from their breeding grounds in northern Canada and depart some time in February. For this reason, they are commonly referred to as “snowbirds”.


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