A Perfect Day For Bananafish

Here in Miltonia, we are unofficially declaring it Spring Zero.  Yes, we realize it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet.  But the roses aren’t just on Hallmark Cards these days: they’re blooming, here in our fair city, and indeed all across the mighty Republic of Cascadia things are stirring and birds are singing.  As always, we at the Daily Miltonian are there, near trees, below branches, heads damp with leaf-dripped rain, eager to sing along.  Welcome back to the fort, citizens, and please sit back and relax as we share with you our latest batch of recommendations and suggestions for a Life Well Led.  Today’s set of digital photographs were all snapped from a day-long jaunt across town, on bicycle, with friends.  Things purchased during said jaunt: 1. a homemade vegan smoked sausage on a bun w./relish, kraut, and mustard.  2. The bowl of homefries pictured above.  3.  A new cassette mix from Mississippi Records. 4. An espresso.

Fort Saint Davids Stuff This Week

There’s a new episode of the Fort Saint Davids Podcast this week, available as always for free from the iTunes store — our seventh episode so far!  Thursday, February 11th, kicks off our new semi-regular reading event, Literary Mixtape, at Valentine’s.  Look for a Q and A with Fort Saint Davids for the on-line business of the Portland Mercury.  Or, heck, we’ll watch out for it ourselves, and then tell you about it. Make sure to print it up on heartily-grained paper and hand it out to friends and loved ones. The Internet looks wonderful on paper, don’t you agree?

Having An Espresso While Standing Next To A Waterfall

It’s gotta be that steel/iron style gray up there in the bunched clouds above.  The waterfall should ideally be tall and mighty, expelling mist which you can palpably feel on your face even from a distance, and there should be this real mystic, Native American — pre-Native American, even — vibe to the whole thing, you know the deal, possible owls in trees and spirit wolves high above on cliffs.  You don’t see any of these owls or spirit wolves, but they wouldn’t feel out of place if you did.  In the water there’s fish that are also like spirit-emissaries from a faraway tribe.  Right.  Anyhow, there’s also an Espresso Cart.  Approach the cart.  Feel mist on your face.  Order an espresso.  Drink it.  Feel an amazing uber-warmth running through the whole of your being.  Stare at the waterfall.  Pledge allegiance to the Republic of Cascadia.

The State

If you’re like us — and of course you are — then you remember the Nineties, and more importantly, you remember MTV (as in Pauly Shore, not Jersey Shore).  But did you remember The State?  It’s OK if you didn’t, because it means we get to remind you.  It’s finally — finally! — on DVD.  Are you afraid it seems “dated” or it doesn’t “hold up”?  Man, so were we, but we’re here to assure you that it Indeed Holds Up.  Highly, in fact.  As in: boy were we laughing last night, over a bowl of Old-Bay seasoned popcorn, sipping mineral water, in our living room, while watching The State.  You shoulda been there, pal.

Wolves: the Official Internet Spirit Animal of the Daily Miltonian

Ok real quick now, open up another window of your Internet Browser (we use Chrome these days, if you were wondering).  Do a Google Image Search for Wolves (we just linked it for you if you’re too lazy).  See that first result, right there in the first row?  Click it.  That’s right, it takes you straight back here, to the Daily Miltonian, to a post called Bugle Central. Every day, and all day, about two to three hundred people click that link: we know, because as the people who make this blog we get to see the results of our labors on our handy WordPress Dashboard (thanks, WordPress!).  What kind of person does a Google Image Search for Wolves then follows the results?  You can read our comments if you doubt us, but a cursory reading shows that the primary demographic seems to be Young Girls In America Who Want to Save Wolves. What does this say about the next generation of young American women who will some day lead our country into greatness?  It means really awesome things, not just for us, or for them, but for wolves, as well.  God bless you, you young Americans who will stop at nothing to save wolves.  We sail with you and all those like you.  Your forever faithful friends, Fort Saint Davids.



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