Bugle Central

Nearly three years and still standing, your faithful Miltonian chugs on.  September, especially here in Oregon, is still Summer Four to us.  We still want to swim one more time, we still want to sweat on the side of a big hill one more time, we still want to look down at green vistas one more time, and we still want to head to the coast ALL THE TIME.  As for Autumn One?  ELK, yo.  Ever since our Great Relocation out West, it has been our implicit, insistent, persistent, and SERIOUS desire to see elk, particularly Bugling Elk, doing their thing, bugling deeply and freely, in the wild.  WE DEMAND THIS.  

Four more months of this glorious year of Our Ord, 2009.  Whatcha got planned?  We want to get it out there that we’re thankful for everyone who came to our Novels in Progress reading, and we’re letting you know that if all goes well we’ll have one more go at it before the end of the year.  You care, so we’re there.  

There’s so many places these days to disseminate information, or diffuse it.  Are we Facebook friends?  Every time I post a video on Facebook I’m worried it should have just been up here on the Miltonian, but that Facebook crowd is so responsive, so instant, so…there.  Why are you, the Miltonians, so silent?  In 2006 when this Online Magazine/Source/Scene got started, there was a serious coterie of cats who chimed in with boisterous comments every time something of note was posted onto our notable digital pages.  Now it’s quiet.  We post less, you say less.  But we’re here, and so are you, if our stat counters aren’t lying to us.  Speak up.  Here’s the wheel: now steer.  It’s your ship too.

Where’s the best elk-watching spots in Oregon?  We hear it’s Eastern Oregon.  The bugling begins in the Fall.  We want to be there.  Don’t you?  Also: the elk our the Oregon Zoo bugle in the fall?  In the Rut?  (That’s what is amazing about elk: they have a Rut and that’s like a GOOD THING).  Some amazing details, real matter-of-fact like, about the Elk Meadow exhibit at the zoo:

Opening Date: July 1, 1993 | Size: 1.9 acres | Wolves added: November 2007

WOLVES ADDED!  I mean why not, right?  Throw a couple them wolves in there, mix it up a bit.  God I love the Northwest.


8 thoughts on “Bugle Central

  1. wow, new form looks very nice! haven’t visited in so long. i was so pleased to open and see these fine specimines of big nature. i have been dreaming of moose and wolves as of late so , yeah maybe my dreams have been pointing all ways miltonian? xos

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