Your Daily Miltonian is an all-purpose lifestyle in an easy-to-consume digital format.  At once both a magazine and a movement, the Daily Miltonian is hand-crafted each day by your hosts, Fort Saint Davids.  Our Pacific Northwest Offices are occupied by Your Steadfast Writer, Erik Bader.  East Coast Science Writing and Other Observations are covered by our in-house designer Alexander Zahradnik.  The Spinner Rack is our Serious look at contemporary superhero comics and is written by one of our favorite people anywhere, Mr. Brady Dale Russell.  Crooks gives advice, Father Gibbs is our patron saint, the Legend of Street Dog is our familiar, Julio the Owl is our mascot, Matthew Korfhage is itinerant, and Kelly White writes for Philebrity but is an honorary Miltonian.  You are our faithful reader and we could never forget you before we even met you.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Have been inspired to express myself locally, on the conplaint of using Indian names (native) as Mascots. Then it accured to me, what does the name MILTONIAN signify? Afterall there have been several folks in my life that have called me Miltonian.

    I searched the web for a difinition and ended with you folks.
    Now, FOLKS, that is a group of people of like mind, is that true?
    So, “What’s it all About”, (that famous tune) surely you can help me. Milton

  2. I can’t work out what the heck you chaps are waffling about but I sure like it. Much charm. I also likt the name Fort Saint Davids. Y’know thats a ex-British/French fort in India, right?? amazing.

    • It’s also the original name of East Falls, the neighborhood in Philadelphia where we first decided to start publishing books. We called it: Fort Saint Davids Books! Then we realized we didn’t have enough money to publish books. But here we are, half a decade later, doing this! History.

  3. Heard about your new Reading Series from Reading Local:Portland via Mercury. Excited to get out to one of the readings and think you are right in believing that there can never really be too many literary events. Keep up the great work.

  4. Screamin’ Joe Lisciandro (Back To The Old House, Pt. 1) looks like someone I once knew. Was he in Boston back in ’93~’95? Great site BTW.

  5. Ask him. Tell him I was there when he was spinning hip-hop and techno. Even when he threatened to torch Snow’s set and when he wanted to throw beer bottles at Billie Joe Armstrong I was there. He was screaming even then. Tell him I still have his Nikon…

  6. Gotta be a different dude. I know he did a radio show at one point, I think at BU, but that was all indie rock. I stayed at his place off of Comm Ave in the 90s. Tons of great records. No techno.

    • Sorry, the whole techno thing was an inside joke. He absolutely despised techno. I was in those apartments on Comm Ave too. He had a basement apt. His radio show was not at BU, but at Newbury College. He did take photos for a BU newsletter. That’s how we were able to see all those gigs…

    • Too bad you lost touch. I remember one night with Joe and one other (name withheld) where we went on a drinking binge and serial-puked every fast-food franchise entrance within walking distance. Joe and his ideas. God I hope he never changes.

  7. Is (name withheld) “The One?” I didn’t know him back then — we met in ’95 — but I still remember that there was a girl he dated back in Boston known only as “The One.” Sometimes “The One” would accidentally come up in conversation. He’d get mad and change the subject quickly.

    • No, no, (name withheld) was a dude and almost had the same personality Joe had with the exception of being a tad milder… As for “The One”, met her and she was very much in love with Joe back then. Joe was different around her (he was kinder if you could imagine that). It’s too bad they’re not together anymore. I could’ve put money on them getting hitched.

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