80’s Mystical

If you’re a longtime reader of the Daily Miltonian — and if you’re not, you’re probably not reading this — you may recall our zany lists of yore exploring the various multi-fuck’d-up sonic why?-ways of Eighties Pop(ular) Music.  80’s Desert Music, 80’s Rapesax, 80’s Oriental: we were there, to hear, to cringe, to catalog.  This list is no different.  Ladies, gentleman, wizards: we present to you our latest List, forged from flames of Mordor, smoked from the 60’s Purple Haze of Puff the Magic Dragon, crawling with Manson, creepy with Crowley, overcoming strungout 70’s burnout, Dungeons and Dragons, Goat’s Head Soup, I Put a Spell on You, I’ve Got a Black Magic Woman, Baby Don’t Fear the Reaper…magic came back in the 80’s repackaged, glossy, an occult equation for money, white pants, cocaine, weird sex and Total Success: 80’s Mystical.


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