The Yellow Line #25


-That’s what I said, the only way way to do it is just take all the shit up to the counter and bolt.

-Yeah, I can’t steal any other way.  If I try to do it all slick I just can’t, I got such a look on my face this crazy look you know they can tell!

-Right, that’s why you just grab this, grab that, take it to the counter, be like how much is this?  Oh that much, then you put it back — coz you never take it all!  You get some, you give some back, that’s the way.  But I’ll be all chatty with them like I’ll be like I just got out of the hospital you wanna see my abscess?  And I’ll show them!  [Opens mouth really wide] Then I just grab all that shit on the counter and just bolt.  But f’real, I’m getting tired of stealing, coz people man they just gotta make it hard for you.  Like this one girl I gave her a chance, she coulda let me just go out but she had to stand there in the way, I went right for her legs then clocked her in the neck, BAP.  But like, why you gotta make it that hard?  If I had a store if I was the manager I’d be like, if you see them, just let them do it.  Coz I’m making it easy for you, you don’t have to get in trouble just don’t watch me do it.  Seriously.  People are fucking stupid.


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