The Yellow Line #2


-How much are you selling those percocets for? On the street? I can move them for a better price than that. On the street? Easily. I just don’t know why you’d choose that. I don’t know why you’d choose heroin. I’ll take it but, give me the choice? Let me choose? Crystal meth. Any day of the week. Give me crystal meth. That’s my high.

On the woman’s knee there’s an open Larry McMurtry novel.

-We’re driving around in that truck and he’s just sleeping. He’s sleeping the whole time. I just gave blood, I put that money in the tank, we’re driving around on blood money. That’s right blood money. And he just wants to sleep.

-It’s eight dollars to camp at Battleground now.


-When I’m at the house, there’s always that one alarm that goes off early. Every time. Why would you do that. Why not take the sleep. And then everyone starts getting up. But not me. I fake like I’m still asleep. I’m awake but I just lay there. I’m not getting up until I have to.

-Even if you’re just laying there, you’re still getting that sleep. You know? It’s still rest. It still counts as rest. Just laying there awake, it counts. Every little bit counts.

My stop arrives.


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