The Future of What


Where’s your energy / there’s no energy — Unwound, “New Energy”

Welcome to Day Two of the daily Daily Miltonian.

Ok so like what if.   Looking once again at the question of a power source for the Miltonian, what if we just turned the Miltonian into the source of power.  Which leads me to ask another question, a question about an answer, basically that: was this the answer all along?  I’m really thinking that this is one of those real head-shaking Duh, Wow, Yeah No OK Of Course moments we’ve got here.  We already know that art generates art, the equation being [art = inspiration => art = ∞]  And the Miltonian, not being art but rather being content, should be able to — I mean think about it HAS BEEN ABLE TO — exist, without filling the tank with effort or energy, on the Neverending Math Equation of the Internet which is [Content = Content] or rather [Internet = Internet].  The Miltonian is its own energy, because it is, therefore it will continue to be.

Thus the Future of the Daily Miltonian is the Miltonian, daily.  See what I’m saying?  See you tomorrow.


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