Last Action Hero

Greetings, August.  Here’s your latest slice of Miltionian.

ITEM: The latest installment of Fort Saint Davids semi-irregular reading series, Literary Mixtape, is about make its long-awaited return, on September 8th, 2011.  Mark your calendars!

ITEM: Still no camera.  Use your imagination when I tell you it looks really nice here in Portland this time of year.

ITEM: I’m reading a collection of short stories by Ann Beattie.  They’re great.  I think 1970’s New York City is my new 1920’s Paris.

ITEM: I applied to be the Slate Cultural Blogger.  I hope I get the job!

ITEM: Coz the truth is, I’d rather do this stuff for money.  Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys, you completely silent 100-hits-per-day Miltonian audience (honestly outside of a few friends I have absolutely no idea who any of you are and despite there having been a comments section for the near-five-years the Miltonian has existed no one has really left comments since I left Philly), but you gotta realize on my end this mostly feels like I’m just talking to hear myself talk, and if I wanted to do that I’d actually just talk to hear myself talk because talking is more fun and hurts my fingers less than typing.

ITEM: This George Saunders story is the best story I’ve read in the New Yorker all year.

Here’s a picture of  some voles:


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