Killin’ The Vibe

Greetings, fellow travelers, and welcome to another edition of your favorite internet culture vortex, the Daily Miltonian.  Some updates, in our signature numbered but in no particular order fashion:

1. I lost my camera.  So there’s no new pictures, for the moment.  How does it look outside?  It’s sunny.  It’s nice.  It’s probably the nicest day not only of the year but in the history of mankind.  On Facebook, I can see trees, mountains, beaches, flowers, lovers, pets and babies.  Where I am now, though, I can only see a silver Lincoln Continental parked across the street, chrome hubcaps reflecting sun-sparkle.  I’m at work.  I wish I wasn’t.  At least I have you fine people to talk to.

2. I wrote a profile about my cat, Streaky the Supercat, at my pal Bradley Maule’s new web-endeavor, Portland Urban Resource.  Go check it out, maybe even buy a photograph.  The guy takes some snazzy snaps.

3. I’m launching a website containing the majority of my unpublished novels and writings, hopefully very soon.

4. Been collabin’ with my old bro Josh Carr on a site that collects all of our favorite 90’s indie rock album covers featuring thee quintessential 90’s indie rock girls.

5. Speaking of the 90’s, I finally met Thurston Moore.  We talked about 1960’s small-press poetry.  He digs Origin Magazine and Ted Berrigan.  Dude is my all-time hero.

6. I need to find a way to GTFO of town.  In 2011 I’ve been outside of city limits, like, twice.  That’s it.  Two times.  One day me and some buddies drove to the river.  We swam.  It was cold but it was nice.  I saw an osprey fly overhead with what looked like a rabbit in its talons.  The other time I rode my bike straight out of town.  I had a cold Budweiser at a bar called the Decoy.  Two guys in cowboy hats walked in and the bartender said “Evenin’ cowboys.”  I shit you not.  They took off their hats, nodded, and sat down and ordered beers.  Anyhow that’s it, and it’s August in just a few hours.  Get me out of here, please.

7. I finally found a copy of Renata Adler’s Speedboat.  It was 2.95 at Powell’s. I love that place!

8. Speaking of bookstores, more soon from my promised series on the Death of Border’s.  Sorry I haven’t written anything.  I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m always too tired to fire up the computer and write unpaid free content for the Internet.  You know how it is.


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