Put My Dream On This Planet

A random handful of snapshots of Spring 2011, here in Portland, Oregon.


7 thoughts on “Put My Dream On This Planet

  1. Awesome shots as always. What took you so long to update?!?! Daily?!?!? We’d even settle for Weekly!

  2. Eh. If I’ve got free time I’d rather be watching a movie, or riding my bike, or working on my book, or drinking with friends at the Bluffs. The absolute last thing I wanna be doing is creating content for an internet blog for zero pay. Besides, it’s a new decade. “Personal” blogs are sooo Aughts. Obviously I still put stuff up on the Miltonian, mostly out of habit. But we’re closing in on five years of DM content now, and it still just feels like dropping pennies in a well but you can’t hear them hit the bottom.

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