Black And Blue

Yeah that’s right folks, another post about the Rolling Stones.  Here’s the thing: no one talks about Black and Blue. Release date: 1976.  Many reasons for this.  For one, it’s not their best record.  For two, it’s sandwiched in between some of their absolutely best records.  For three, it was a weird fugg’d up time for the Stones, and the record was basically a jam record for trying out new guitarists — I’m pretty sure there’s at least three other dudes besides Kieth on this one.  Four, this is coming off the 1975 tour that according to Keith in his new autobiography was “completely fueled by Merck cocaine.” And so, by natural extension, was this was one totally batshit mess of a record.  I’m going to share two tunes, both of which are long-burner extended jamz, and both of which are quite clearly completely fueled by Merck cocaine.  This isn’t Disco Stones, it isn’t even like Sly and the Family Stones.  I’ve been writing — professionally even — about music for seven years now but I can’t seem to find an easy pat answer to just what it is exactly that the Stones are doing here in these two tracks. Words fail.  Descriptions are useless.  The images and the sounds, however, are not.  Enjoy.


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