Some Girls

Circa ’79 Disco Stones single.  Everything about this cover is just completely right on.  By the late 70’s, the Stones were all already in their late 30’s and getting called dinosaurs.  According to legend, all this just got Mick Jagger fired up to take the Stones sound even further, the result being Some Girls, throwing the usual 70’s Stones synthesis of honky-tonk and straight up rock’n’roll into a bizarre blender with the two prevailing downtown sounds of NYC at the time, disco and punk.  The above cover to the “Miss You” single completely nails that unthinkable aesthetic, basically that of a British rock band from the 60’s completely awash in the reflection of bright neon in a greasy urban puddle that was Punk, Disco, and Downtown in circa ’78 Manhattan.  Perkus Tooth, the disheveled ex-critic/uptown weirdo from Jonathan Lethem’s recent novel Chronic City, says this of his street-filched copy of Some Girls: “You can tell it’s the first pressing, because right afterward they had to withdraw this jacket—the Garland and Monroe Estates sued. It’s incredible how much this music is steeped in the ambiance of the New York City of 1978. It’s as much a New York record as White Light/White Heat or Blonde On Blonde.

Something else no one seems to mention is that besides this being Ron Wood’s first full gig on second guitar for the Stones, it was Mick Jagger’s first full gig as the third guitar.  He had only been playing for a few years and it’s pretty clear that it’s what added that level of can’t-be-faked untrained / punk vibe to the album.  Here’s the video for “Respectable”, featuring Sir Mick on the 3rd axe:

Note the key ending where Mick smashes his guitar through a wall then tackles Ron Wood onto a bed.  I mean hey, why not?


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