Top Ramen

Show of hands, since your college years (or your “college years”, as even the world’s most dastardly dropouts know about the “college years”), when’s the last time you had ramen?  For those of us here at Fort Saint Davids (<—dastardly dropouts), it’s been a heckuva long time.  That is, until we saw the latest, greatest, triumph by Our Favorite Japanese Animator, Hayao Miyazaki, the beautiful and understated Ponyo:

[Presented via Youtube w./the French dub, why not.]

Something about the above clip just did it.  Ramen, we thought.  We kinda want some, and now.  So we set out to explore the available options, of which we quickly discovered there are plenty.  Biwa, here in Portland, has an evening late happy hour menu with 5 dollar ramen — a serious deal for a serious meal.  We’ve had it.  We’ve had it more than once.  We’ll have it again.  It’s really good.  Miho Izakaya is conveniently located right near the newly relocated FSD Northern Offices.  They have ramen on the menu.  We haven’t had it yet, but we intend to.  What about you, old friend, dear reader?  Where do you get your ramen?  Which is your favorite?  How do you prepare your ramen at home?  When are you coming with us, walking down lighted streets, hoods up, rain coming down, cold and eager to be warm, to be seated among others in a toasty and busy restaurant, happy to be dry, eager to eat more ramen? We eagerly await the answers to these questions, and more, in the comments section below.  See you there.


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