The Sound Of Fear

The above cassette-only compilations, available for a limited time  at the one and only Mississippi Records, basically say it all, for us, re: our feelings concerning this Unholiest of Holidays.  Clocking in at 90 min. each, and featuring the absolute (bloodcurdled) creme-de-la-creme of horror movie soundtrack music (John Carpenter, Goblin, et al), and sourced from vintage vinyl, so yeah, you need these tapes.  You can go to other Portland blogs if you want the listings of the Halloween Parties To Be At (we’ll be at the Dangerous Boys Club record release show, natch), but if you want the KEY SOUNDTRACK, well look no further.

ITEM: Fort Saint Davids Relocates! The FSD Goose Hollow Lodge is packing its bags and moving its endeavors to the oft-overlooked Overlook neighborhood, located in the SE corner of North Portland.  In the area?  Give a call, we’ll go grab a beer.

ITEM: Quit Facebook! Well, I did anyhow.  How does it feel?  Amazing.  No joke, so you know how like when you quit smoking you only start to feel the “good” effects until a few months later?  Yeah, no, not the case with the Facespace: you cancel that account and literally in three, two, one you’re like fuck I feel good.  Like, really good!  There are downsides.  Many people you “knew” will no longer contact you.  It turns out they don’t actually want to communicate with you, rather you were merely producing content for a program that they enjoyed interacting with.  Fair enough.  However, you will start to get emails.  Remember them?  Not notifications or mailing lists or spam, I mean actual emails from people who wonder what you are up to.  It’s kind of amazing.  You feel like, well, an American, who, having toppled the Empire, founded your own city, and invented the printing press, is now sending letters to people you know that all say the same thing: “Hey everybody, I’m free.”


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