Fort Saint Davids Presents: Drinkin And Thinkin

In which, your host, Fort Saint Davids, drinks a little, thinks a little, and then shares those fortified thoughts with you, our pal, the reader.

Bitches Brew Times Two

I mean, hey, why not.  Dogfish Head just put this guy out.  It’s basically an imperial stout with honey (gesho root), but who cares about the technicalities, what matters most is this lil guy — well ok, it’s a big guy — is all flavor.  We popped the cap off of this bad boy on an unusually warm late September night here at the Lodge, and since it was brewed in honor of the 40th annvs. of Bitches Brew, we thought oh why the hell not, let’s not only drink Bitches Brew let’s listen to Bitches Brew.  Which is exactly what we did.  Do we suggest you do the same?  Oh yes.  Yes we do.

On Tap Tonight

Ah yes, Golden Monkey.  If you rolled with our crew in the late 90s, early Ohz in the City of Brotherly Love, you certainly are no stranger to the strange powers of the Golden Monkey.  The urbane-urban myth was that if you drank a six of this stuff you’d wind up in Dimension 7, or at least, on the Spaceship Saturn with Sun Ra himself.  So now’s about time to head on down to Bailey’s Taproom and order yourself up a a big old 20oz Imperial Pint of this strange, strange elixir.  Why not meet us there tonight?  Space is definitely the Place.


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