Autumn Zero

Here, way the hell out here, in the People’s Democratic Republic of Cascadia, in Fort Saint Davids, in Portland, it’s Autumn Zero.  The first baby steps of that Grande Olde Gentleman of Seasons, ushered in first with crisp mornings, the floral flavors of Fresh Hop’d beer, fresh Chinook salmon and culminating in a return for the darker, more earthier , rooty-er pleasures, damp soil, dark chocolates and midnight-black stouts, hot cider on Sauvie Island, hearty homemade stews, and steamy bowls of 82nd Street Pho.  Long walks past cold streams under the rain-prooof canopy of old growth trees, as a steady Autumn drizzle patters overhead.

What We’re Watching:

Boardwalk Empire. Mad Men. Bored To Death

New Woody Allen Film:

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

Now Playing At Cinema 21:

The Cremaster Cycle

Now Reading, Vintage:

Now Reading, Contemporary:

Now Playing, PC:

Civilization V


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