The Occasional Miltonian

Aaaaaand, we’re back.  It’s been a few, right?  Maybe you thought: the Miltonian, they packed their bags, boarded up the office, never looked back?  We thought about it.  We get tired of the Internet.  We’re quitting Facebook! we declare.  No more blogs, no more digital newspapers, no more Youtube videos, no more online co-op survival horror zombie shooter-fests (well, maybe we’ll keep those around, they’re fun.)  The truth is, we can live with these things, for now.  It’s all the extra stuff, the blog apps, the microtransaction subscription models, the comments tribes, the net-net-networking, all that crap that connects too much crap to even more crap that fries our synapses and makes us raise a hand and say “Check please! And bring me my copy of Walden!”

What’s the difference between today and September 11th, 2001?  In 2001 our morning started with a phone call with an anxious but real friend on the phone, and we turned on our television set.  Today we open our laptops and check our pixelated messages. No voices, just tap tap tap.

Speaking of tech, here’s a quick public service announcement.  Do you back up your hard drive?  You know, that’s the thingy inside your computer that is “storing” all your digital thingys.  Well just know that these things break.  Not if, but when.  They’re not like engines, you can’t keep them tuned oiled and see them last fifty years.  They last three.  Five tops.  But they DO break.  And when they do, it’s like your house burning down, a digital house full of years worth of digital photos, digital novels, digital music.  So I know they told you this already but now this is Fort Saint Davids telling you: back that shit up, yo.  As in buy a cheap external hard drive and copy what you have onto it.  Take it from us.  Our HD died.  It costs a fuckload of money to pay these “professional” people to go in and “extract” and “recover” the data.  A lame, expensive, and stressful process, but one you can easily avoid.  Which is all to say, yes, our data was recovered.  And going through the oodles of old photos on the old hard drive we got to thinking: we never shared these photos with you.  We could put them up on Facebook, get “comments”, observe the frequency of pressed “Like” buttons, but screw Facebook, and screw the mega-corporation who owns them (“them?”).  This is between us, for us, for you.  So for the next few posts, we’re going to put up random, perhaps not always even good photographs.  Because they were recently on the brink of extinction.  Because they could have been gone forever.  Because they deserve to live, be witnessed, be enjoyed.  Why else did we snap those photos?  Because we wanted to show you something.


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