Normal Never Happened

Wow, where’d this one come from?  Oh yeah where else: Olympia, WA. But like, you know, that Nineties Olywa that seemed like it could nevah, evah, do no wrong.  Coz these cats have Nineties written all over them.  The critics will point out the obv. mishmash right away: a sweet Bad Moon Rising/Evol era Sonic Youth cake all whipped and frothed with a glum slather of bummer summer fuzzy Eric’s Trip-iness.  But then yr just missing the point.  This is actual, original-etymological usage of the dead-for-years term Indie Rock, in that yes, it is a kind of rock that is completely independent — i.e. not dependent — of and on Actual, Regular, Rock As We Know It And/Or Are By Now Are Bored By It.  Which is all a long-winded / jaded rock critics way of saying, hell to the yes, re: Broken Water. Their debut LP on Night People is on seriously heavy rotation at the FSD Offices.  Come on by sometime when we’ve got it blastin’, slump right on down into the corner and just slowly nod your head to the real.

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