Back To The Future

Starcraft 2 is out this week.  Wow, that took a minute.  More like twelve years.  Any Miltonians out there excited about this one?  Hoooboy.

Adthwart, the Google Chrome extension.  Hey, now that is cool — just click it, it installs, and next thing you know the Internet has no more ads.  You’ll be amazed how much nicer and…late 90s…the Internet suddenly looks.  Couldn’t have discovered this one soon enough!

Today’s images are a kind of the…latest cultural investigation we’ve been taking here, at the Miltonian.  Early 80’s “computer age” alternative futures.  Retro Futurism.  Why not.  Scan the perimeter.

Summertime rolls.  Tessellated light flickers through leaves onto clear water over smooth stones, fish dart slippery past ankles, osprey cry and circle overhead: a warm summer surrounds us as the cool river rolls by.  Then you return to the sandy shore, begin to make a sandwich with the provisions in your bag, and that’s when you spy the bag of Ruffles potato chips.  Grab a handful of Ruffles.  Shrug to yourself and then put them in the sandwich.  Smile in the sunshine as you relish each crunchy bite.  Chomp.

Tonight on the Teevee: Mad Men Season Premiere and another episode of how-the-hell-is-this-thing-so-frickin-good True Blood.  I guess the difficult part is, for us (we who watch things, through computers, after they air): which do we watch first?  Gosh that’s a tough one.

Fort Saint Davids has no announcements currently.  We want to say that yes, there are things to announce, but there just aren’t.  It’s late July.  The weather is fine.  There’s a new cat who has showed up on our block — his fur is mellow orange, like a creamsicle.  We’ve named him Marmalade.  The last time I opened up the Oregonian I read that there is an eagle who lives on top of the Hawthorne Bridge and a raccoon that lives below it.  Summer projects checklist completion: I ordered all the separate parts to build a Personal Computer and then, amazingly, I built it.  There were setbacks.  A hard drive failed.  An IKEA desk got built backwards.  Streaky ran off with one of the cables.  But it’s done, it’s done, and it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  Now to get used to that weird ergonomic keyboard I got for it.  I keep trying to hit the B button with my right pointer finger but that’s just not happening in this kind of keyboard.

Keep your eyes posted to this page for Actual Announcements.  We promised at least one event this summer.  We’re going to stick to that promise.


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