Fort Saint Davids Pop News Update

Lost is over. Your humble narrator has been considering writing a kind of Mini-Memoir about the last half-decade he spent watching Lost. The show, the world, and everything we know about both have changed since Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the Island-Whose-Name-We-Never-Learned. When I complete this essay is anyone’s guess, as its just another task on top of a heavy summer to-do list that includes:

1. Read every unfinished novel on my too-many shelves (hello, Moses Herzog.)
2. Finish every unfinished game I’ve been stuck in for the past year (Fallout 3, I’m looking at you).
3. Finish a first draft of The New American Novel.
4. Host two more Literary Mixtapes (including one with none other than Loren Hunt in August!)
5. Swim in a river at least once a week.
6. Finish and release the Waverider cassette “It’s Five O’Clock Everywhere”.
7. Really finally try this time to read the New Yorker short story every week (I think I must read like 6 a year).

FSD DEPT. OF SERIALIZED TV NEWS: Here at the venerable Fort Saint Davids Lodge, we don’t actually “watch TV” as in turn on a television and watch it.  We don’t even have a TV antennae or a cable thingy or whatever it is you need to get the boob toob goin.  Naw, we have never watched the television.  We do, however, Follow A Few Shows, well one less now that Lost is over.  Here’s what we’re excited about this summer.

True Blood Season 3

Debuts June 13

Mad Men Season 4

Debuts July 25

FSD DEPT. OF DELICIOUS BEER: Never would we say that the absolute Center of the Galaxy of Perfect Beers isn’t the lovely valley in which our Fair City is situated, but lately we’ve been quaffing some heavy-hitters from an upstate New York brewery called Southern Tier.

We cannot for the life of us find a bottle by these people that we don’t go absolutely Coo-Coo for Coco Puffs over.


The Starlight Parade is tonight at 8:30pm.  See you there!


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