Here Comes The Sun

Hark! Is that the late-returning sun of Spring I see peering through my window — or is it the imminent arrival of mighty Summer itself?  Be it what it may, we welcome it regardless, we light-deprived denizens of the gray-moody Northwest.  Sun!  To splash down on our faces, to warm our skin, to lift our spirits — yes, that Sun!  O Mighty Orb, that which can piece the darkest of clouds and the thickest of rains — as the months bring our orbit closest to your fiery proximity, there will be nothing that can stop you from covering us with your all-warmth.  Welcome back, our old friend, the Sun!

The plants, of course, have always known this, having bloomed and rebloomed for months now, sprouting bright flowers, showing shimmering leaves, and gathering green moss to clothe wet branches.  But the citizens get confused, get gloomy, and despair.  Give us back our Sun!  Shoot down the rays of hope and energy that will stuff us into cars and send us rocketing down highways towards mountain peaks and ocean beaches.  Inspire us to create new arts, pen new novels, compose new musicks.  Impel us to live again!

Except living is all we’ve been doing in its absence, as evidenced here every month on your Daily Miltonian.  Through winter storms and spring doldrums, we’ve been here, creating, loving, and above all eating great food and quaffing beverages fit for the Gods.  Have you ever had a beer from the Pacific Northwest?  An elixir fit to fortify even the soggiest of souls.

So please join us, ye citizens, ye Miltonians, as we join in unison and give thanks to all that this first half of the first year of the Tweens has brought us, and welcome back the primal energies of the Sun and its attendant stars as they  guide us into what we’re all pretty damn confident is going to be the Greatest Summer of our Lives.  Hear ye, hear ye.  Hurrah.

One thought on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Paean to the Sun — i love it!!!!!

    … AND the bow to towering and clouds and to George Harrison (sweetest Beatle)

    thank you! and a toast to you all: to the Greatest Summer of our Lives!

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