Ouch.  Your trusty narrator was down for the count last week — oy, whatta stomach virus — but don’t keep counting, because we’re back.  It’s a sun-splashed and cool May morning here in the People’s Republic of Cascadia, and what better time than to introduce our newest feature,  The Breakfast Topic.  A simple enough conceit: we give a topic, and you discuss it in the comments.  It’s a fairly common Web 2.0 thing, and like all things 2.0 we don’t really like it because the Internet, as of 2.0, is most definitely not your friend (it just wants your statistics and money, and it wants you to write it for it, and for free).

I guess for Today’s Breakfast Topic, having had no coffee (haven’t any since the illness.  Sort of experimenting with not having it.  So far, it’s OK, sorta), why not you choose the topic.  So the topic is: what’s a good set of Daily Miltonian Breakfast Topics to discuss?  We want our readers to discuss things that matter to them, but we’d like to steer them away from the “This is how amazing my summer is gonna be” style boasting that Facebook seems to encourage to disturbing levels.  So, hmmm….yeah.  This probably isn’t going to work, but here goes nothing.


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