The Rising

Spring is here, timid though it seems to be.  Looks like all our raging against the dying of the light is finally starting to pay off.

Here’s some info we failed to give you before:

1. The Q & A Literary Mixtape did with the Portland Mercury.

2. The Mercury’s post-game review of the first Literary Mixtape.

Erik Bader will be reading a story from The New American Novel this upcoming Friday and Saturday, in a collaboration with local film groups Weird Fiction and Future Death Toll. The event is called Redshift.  They are actually re-building a replica of the semaphore signal tower that sits on top Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  No shit. There will be synths and video projections, and a microphone.  This is going to be very very strange, and quite awesome.  Here’s the full press release


As for other projects, Mr. Bader hopes to have The New American Novel completed by September ,2010, at which point he’ll go through the whole tedious process of writing agents and publishers, as he did with his first two novels.  Here’s hoping it works this time — all of us here at Fort Saint Davids who have seen it really like this new novel, and we think it’s an important addition to the American Pantheon.  Seriously.

New episodes of The Fort Saint Davids Podcast are on their way!  Up next is a helluva two-parter, the first of the out of chapter sequences (there’s a couple), Preludium. This chapter is one of our personal favorites, a classic coming-of-age tale of comic book collecting, first-loves, the state of Virginia, vintage arcades, and the Jersey Shore, all circa 1993.  It could easily stand on its own as a short story, so if you’re just checking out the Fort Saint Davids Podcast and you feel like starting with the latest episode first, well, we don’t suggest it, but with these two episodes, it’s possible!

On the tube?  Wow, we’re definitely enjoying Treme so far.  The first two episodes are about as dense as the first two chapters of a Tolstoy novel, and we’re not expecting things to get any easier.  Meaning: hell yes we like it, and we can’t wait for more.

Theaters: we wanna see Greenberg.  Is that still out?  If so we’re going to that next.

Beers: we had Pliny the Elder.  Of course it’s delicious.  As in holy wow delicious. In fact, we know a spot in town that has a dedicated Russian River tap, where you can get Pliny the Elder roughly every other week.  Write us personally if you want the secret tip-off.  We’ll most definitely meet you there for a 20oz imperial pint of the stuff, preferably on the back deck, in the sunshine.  We’ll have a conversation.


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