Some visual info here to brighten up your already hopefully bright spring afternoon.  There’s friends in town right now — sad that they’re merely on visitor status and not upgraded to “Proud Citizen” class…at least not yet.  But here’s to hoping.  Here at Fort Saint Davids (and quite unlike the attitude of some of our more esteemed neighbors) our motto is and steadfastly remains: “Move Here Already.”

Getting buzzed in the sun: Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), Jonathan Sielaff (Golden Retriever), dog (Grouper), and Ilyas Ahmed (natch), sipping the good stuff at the Stumptown on Division.  The Usual Weird America.

View from the Sellwood Bridge, spring ’09.  Kind of a random angle, for a random day.

Clip of Erik Bader reading Barry Hannah’s “Love Too Long” from the first Literary Mixtape at Valentine’s.  Sad to find out that Hannah passed away just a few short weeks after this reading.  Here’s hoping there’s Youtube in Heaven.

Sunset hiking back up through the trees at Cape Lookout.


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