Good Morning, Captain

Throw a sandwich (with sharp cheddar cheese, see below) and a paperback (by Beckett, see below) in your bag, grab the keys, hustle down the steps, Resign the cat (Resigning the cat is when you remove a cat which is begging to be let outside — not a good idea when your cat is a Follower Cat and you can’t afford to be followed as far as you’re going today — and reposition the cat a few steps above the door, pet it, and and with a commanding finger say “Resign yourself”, which it then does), head out into the early morning light, unlock the bike, hop on, and you’re off.  The air is still damp and chill, but the spring smells hit you like blockbuster movie, all sweetness and spice, that fullgreen healthy flavor wafting through the streets as you head down the hill into the city as the light climbs up over the river and spills down all over the buildings, bathing the world in a copper ale warmth.  Welcome to Spring One.  Today’s Miltonian is our usual spring packet of info, seeds to be spread throughout your lifestyle, always with the hope of making things just that much better.

Murphy, by Samuel Beckett

“The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.”  Everyone knows about Beckett, the playwright.  So do we.  Now we’re getting to know Beckett, the novelist.  The result?  Extremely pleasant.  We dig.

Repulsion, by Roman Polanski, on Blu-Ray, from Criterion

The quality is so perfect it’s like you are Roman Polanski, looking through a camera through a keyhole through a door and the door closes and WHAP!  You just got your head bashed in by a completely batshit crazed Catherine Deneuve.  Rad.

Lost, at the Bagdad

The basic conceit: instead of watching Lost on TV when it airs on Tuesday, or online the next day, you instead go to Southeast Portland, to a huge movie theater called the Bagdad, and you wait in line outside because there’s a serious crowd here for this thing, and you get in and you order a pitcher of beer and a slice of pizza and you watch the new episode of Lost on a big silver screen in a completely packed theater.  Yes, that is correct.  See you Tuesday.

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Well known fact: everyone loves cheddar cheese.  From burgers to nachos to plain old grilled cheese, it’s what most sensible people prefer (and believe us, we know.)  But did you know that cheddar cheese can get, well, cheddar-er?  Because it can.  It’s called sharp cheddar cheese.  From our extremely limited scientific understanding, cheddar cheese is aged cheese, so the more you age it, the sharper it gets.  Most folks use sharp cheddar cheese on its own, you know, like on dry crackers to be washed down with cheap wine at a bad art opening.  But why not on a sandwich?  So we figured, why not do the community a favor and try it.  And so we did.  The result?  Friggin’ yum.  Fort Saint Davids made a sandwich on Oroweat Soft Family Wheat Bread with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, peppered Tofurky slices, Veganaise, spicy mustard, and some baby spinach.  Hungry already?  We suggest this sandwich.  Tune in next time as we experiment with Extra Sharp Cheese.  There’s no end in sight!


One thought on “Good Morning, Captain

  1. Man, my brother in law works at Tillamook, and I am telling you there are worlds of cheddar you’re not seeing in the stores. I am currently sitting on a 10-year-aged cheddar wheel that is achingly sharp and brittle, yet so soft and creamy it might as well be butter.

    Don’t even get me started on the dills and the black-pepper cheeses.

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