This week marks three years of the Daily Miltonian as an official Portland, Oregon entity.  We’ve covered a lot of ground in that time — and we’ve spent an equal amount of time just relaxing on said ground, covering it with our own satisfied selves.  There’s no need to rush things in a drizzly town nestled deep in a valley in the Northwest.  Take time to brew that coffee right, and then feel free to enjoy it as you see fit, at the pace that suits you.

Today we’d like to celebrate three years of Northwestern living with a look back at our Beyond Epic journey across America to get here.  Please take the time to click these posts and relive the adventure with us.

For starters, we highly suggest watching the following film which sort of compiles images and sensations from our last week in Philadelphia and final hurrah. It was edited and published over a pot of coffee in a house on the north end of Cincinnati, Ohio, en route to Oregon.  If I remember correctly, it was snowing.

Click To Play

The Story Unfolds:

1. New Weird America (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati)

2. Astral Weeks (Cincinnati)

These will get you started.  Two of them seem to have glitched and are missing photos — I guess that’s what happens as a free WordPress account gets over three years of age on it — so the rest will follow when they’re fixed and ready to go again.  In the meantime, enjoy the weather outside, it’s just straight up gorgeous.  If you’ve photographed it, by all means send us an image, we’d love to share it here on the Miltonian.  As always, be good, soak up that sun, and we’ll see you next time.


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