Wild Life

Fort Saint Davids Podcast Week

Got some cleaning around the house you need to do and need a good, old-fashioned classic story of late-teen angst with a healthy heaping of literary sturm und drang to keep you company?  Or else  you’re planning on taking a long overseas flight or overnight train ride or suburban bus journey or an awesome road trip somewhere, who knows where,  and need a familiar voice to travel with you?  Then head over to Apple’s iTunes site and download your FREE copies now of the latest Fort Saint Davids Podcasts.    Episode Six drops early this week with the fourth chapter of The Pilot and the Panda, and because the waiting is the hardest part, we’re dropping another episode at the end of this week.  Just because we can.  And hey while you’re there, don’t forget to a.) subscribe, b.) give it a starred rating and c.) drop some comments!  The FSD Community is you, so be you!

Literary Mixtape

It’s no secret that we’re like batshit bananas cray-zay over here in FSDville about our new semi-regular event at our favorite downtown spot Valentine’s: Literary Mixtape.  The conceit is simple:  three people read a mixed up selection of literatures that they fancy, to you, the audience who gets to sit, sip, listen, and enjoy.  February 11th is our first one, and the readers include FSD alum-chums Erik Bader and Matthew Korfhage as well as our pal Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans (in)fame.  More details as they arrive, but start getting psyched now.

Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout

This shit makes the Rogue one taste like vanilla.  I mean it’s just that chocolatey.  Choco-chocolately chocolatey.  This may quite possibly be our favorite beer anywhere right now.  Correct us if we’re wrong.

Freaking Out To Knut Hamsun With Google Books on a Mobile Device

Why would you ever buy a Kindle when you can just get Google Books for Free and read something like Knut Hamsun’s Mysteries for Free.  Have you read Mysteries?  Dude it’s crazy!


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