A Miltonian Discussion

Erik Bader’s Top Five Stories He May Read At Literary Mixtape

Leonard Michaels: Crossbones

Barry Hannah: Love Too Long

Donald Barthelme: A City of Churches

Lorrie Moore: Community Life

John Cheever: Reunions

Richard Brautigan: Coffee

Vote for the one you want to hear read in the easily located comments section below!

iPhone vs. Google Phone

The irony is, I always forget what the actual name of the Google Phone is…it’s like “Spectrum Seven” or something like that…but the idea of actually Googling the name of the Google phone makes me feel…very strange.

Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

Can you see where this is going?  Sometimes we think, why not jump off the Apple Bandwagon (the Apple Cart?  What’s that saying it’s like “He didn’t fall off of the apple cart yesterday.”  Or wait, it’s more like “First to fall off of the apple cart.”  Gosh, I really can’t remember.  Mary thinks I read a manual where I got all these old sayings — the other day I talked about not changing horses midstream and she was like huh? — but I think it’s just when you are born with an Old Soul it has all the Old Saying kinda hardwired into the DNA) in 2010 just because?  We probably won’t — we like our little (albeit $$) Apple thingys and doodads that we have around, on which we do things like compose your Daily Miltonian and attempt to write New American Novels…but who knows?  Maybe it’s time for a change?  Hey look, we love them Apples, but why can’t you play games on them?  It’s 2010!

Avatar, in 3-D

Wasn’t that just the greatest?

True Blood

They just said there was going to be a fourth season.  Viva!  Now when does the third come out?  Which brings us to:

The Final Season of Lost Is In Just A Few Weeks

Oh hellllllll yesssssssss.

Jersey Shore

You may be surprised when we say this, but we think it’s wrong that you’re watching this.  You’ve been tricked.  It’s not for you, so stop.

Penguin Proust vs. Enright/Moncrieff Proust

Thoughts?  Isn’t it dumb that you can’t get the final volumes in the states?  Isn’t it weird that people don’t like, protest or fight for that stuff?  Honestly though I think the people who’d care are too old to get up and shout that loud by this point.  OK MILTONIANS NOW MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!  Ahem.  Anyhow, which version do you prefer?  Sometimes we think: that’s weird, that a different person did each book.  Other times we think: perhaps those people loved Proust more than the original translators?  Most of the time we think: this is confusing.

Eel River Holiday Spiced Baltic Porter

We fuggin luvved it.

Facebook Bragging

No.  No!


6 thoughts on “A Miltonian Discussion

  1. One of my all time faves is “Coffee”. It may just spur me to read everything in Revenge of the Lawn one more time. It’s like our old dusty 1970’s copy of Leaves of Grass. Always a standby.

  2. You know what’s awful? 6 ABC in Philadelphia doesn’t reach any antennae outside of Roxborough! Why did I give up my cable before the final season of LOST!??!?!?

  3. Hey. I’m Garett S.’s friend Nathan, we met a few times. I’ve even been to yr house and sat on yr floor and listened to yr weirdo vinyl albums of music made by either a) a homeless guy, b) a viking guy, c) neither, but something weird, or d) a guy who was both homeless and a viking? because they’re not mutually exclusive now that I think about it. Apparently I’ve been reading yr blog and not knowing it was you. Weird. But not as weird as some things.

    • Nathan, the only homeless guy who is sort of a viking whose music I really like is, I think, Moondog. But I don’t think we were listening to Moondog. I think we were listening to Bongo Joe. I am not sure if he was homeless but he did make his music not with a guitar, but with an oil can, which makes him a Total Ruler. Glad you like the blog! Not that you said you like it — nevertheless, glad you read it!

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