Make It New

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause: we made it.  Ten years ago today your current author was a moody twenty-something haunting the bars and cafes of a wintry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, mildly employed,  moved by the dense poetry of Charles Olson, the wild novels of D.H. Lawrence, and the sacred music of Joseph Hayden.  I was already saying ironic things like “I only listen to Nineties music” — ironies that would quickly become truths.

Ten years down the line and where are we?  Well, we’re not there, is one thing.  We’re elsewhere.  But there’s essential truths to be found in where we once were, and they’re valuable to figuring out just where the hell we are now.  What exactly is it that I am trying to say here?  Better poets than myself could tell you.  As for me, I’m just here, with my morning cup of coffee, clothes still damp from yesterday, when all we did was walk in the rain, for no better reason than it was a place to walk, and a place to talk — and you and I, we felt like doing both.  The river looked muddy below us as we crossed the wind-lashed Broadway Bridge.  We watched ducks dive.  The rain wouldn’t stop.  And why would it?  We’re deep in it these days, brothers, sisters.  Always darkest before the et cetera.

We’ve got some cool stuff coming up, for you, in the pipeline.  No published novels or literature yet — we’re not a publishing house, we’re writers — but we’re giving you all we can.  There’s another Fort Saint Davids Literary Event, at IGLOO in Old Town, Portland.  Erik Bader reads his novella Cherry Hill, in its entirety.  Also coming up is a new (hopefully) semi-regular event at Valentine’s, tentatively entitled “Literary Mixtape”, where FSD alum and local guests will read their favorite short stories, essays, and poetry, by writers other than themselves.  We’re pretty — ok we’re really — excited about this one.

So how are we feeling?  We’re feeling good. Maybe this strong cup of coffee but man we feel something wild running through us, right now, here in the first year of the Tweens (2010-12 are the Tweens. Then it’s the Teens).  We’re glad to have that stupid old decade behind us.  We resolve to look at the Internet less, to read more novels than ever before, to prance and dance through untouched nature, down untrammeled roads, to walk in the rain and have damp clothes the next day, to drink strong ales in the evening and strong coffees in the morning, to ride bikes down streets with hills, to write a New Literature that will fix the wrongs of old, to make life better, friendlier, more enjoyable, and goddammit NEW.  Make It New!

“Day by day make it new

cut underbrush,

pile the logs

keep it growing.”

-Ezra Pound, Canto 54


One thought on “Make It New

  1. I really liked this. It was uplifting and warm, fuzzy even. I’m on board for the new decade of getting back to simple pleasures and keeping it growing.

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