80’s “Oriental”

In the spirit of  the completely appalling micro-genre “80’s Desert” and the more recently unearthed/re-classified “80’s Rapesax” comes the latest entry into the Daily Miltonian’s list of beyondo-offensive-“Huh?-level Linnaean taxonomic 80’s-specific  scientific musico-classifications : 80’s Oriental.   The following clutch of videos, which covers bases everywhere from the prime offender (Bowie’s “China Girl”) to actual pop food (McDonald’s “Shanghai” Chicken Nuggets), will go further than any words written here will allow.  Between the Gobi Desert and a haunted fog of smoke from a greasy neon-lit Tokyo grate, somewhere deep in the heart of the 1980’s, presented to you, our patient reader, with the fullness  of our confusion, a deep sense of wrong, an seriously indignant feeling of offense, and  all of our completely disgusted delight.


2 thoughts on “80’s “Oriental”

  1. Don’t forget the incomparable Jonathan Ke Quan, who gave us such memorable characters as “Short Round” and “Data.”

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