The Carrie Miller Projects

Carrie Miller was, and still is, a character from my second novel, True Jersey: Volume One.  Among many other things she’s an artist who tends to find herself writing more art proposals than actually making art.  This situation is further compounded by the fact that her proposals are often for things that tend to be impossible to make, or just not feasible in the eyes of potential art grant writers.  As the writing of True Jersey: Volume Two (tentatively entitled Driveway to Driveway) is indefinitely on hold as I work on my current project The New American Novel (and also let’s face it it’s hard getting up the motivation to write a sequel to your own still-unpublished novel), I will offer here, on occasion, some of Carrie’s latest proposals.  The Daily Miltonian encourages any artist worth their salt to go through and make these projects a reality.  We only ask that you mention Carrie Miller’s name, as well as your friends from the Daily Miltonian.

Gimme Shelter

A mediation on the use and/or misuse of urban “space” in art galleries, Gimme Shelter is a completely “public” art show (“for the public by the public”) without security or even a receptionist.  Instead, the galleries doors will be open 24 hours a day for the duration of the exhibit for open artistic use.  Because there will be no “definition” of what constitutes an “artist”, and there will be no pressure or forthright encouragement for the “artist” to actually “make art”, it is my supposition that the “Open Gallery” will find itself instead a de facto shelter for the local homeless, who will not in any way be dissuaded from taking shelter in the gallery for the duration of the exhibit.


As a part of the “Grafreeti” series of Free and Legal graffiti art projects (i.e. “dust tags” by finger on dirty windows, art on discarded objects/paper plates/furniture), Radroach! takes the idea even further by creating a completely legal form of public art that can actually invade the viewer’s home, thus releasing art from the confines of its “controlled” gallery milieu and returning it to a place where it can once again shock and surprise.  “Grafreeti” art in the form of sticker tags will be applied to the back of local urban cockroaches.  The viewer will be confronted by an ACTUAL form of street art, as the art is transported via roach down legitimate city streets and into places where art is rarely found, i.e. sewers and other forms of city infrastructure.  The luckiest of viewers will be able to find the art inside their home as the roaches can be found invading cupboards, bathrooms, and beds.  Participants are encouraged to leave out crumbs and other enticing forms of food to attract the art into their homes, a much more honest kind of transaction and transport than dealing with the traditional art dealer and gallery.


iPhotos is a series of digitally projected photo albums culled from the iPhoto files found on the hard drives of ten (10) randomly selected owners of Apple Macintosh laptop owners.  Viewers are encouraged to explore the digital photograph albums using the iPhoto program found on the laptops installed within the exhibit, and the impressions they take away from the full experience of these ten completely unconnected sets are theirs and theirs only.


7 thoughts on “The Carrie Miller Projects

  1. Do roaches even exist in Portland, OR? If so, I’m more than willing to knit little sweaters for of them to wear around, mini Paris Hilton dogroaches.

  2. QUALITY I really like this, Im not 1 for adding links in my replies but this reminds me of some similar stuff by graffiti artist “SER” at there are a few more good graffiti artists on the site called Graffiti Kings that graffiti bedrooms, night clubs & everything else lol.

  3. very well done!
    this ties into my latest post. im in the process of writing an award winning novel myself.
    i am also working on sculpture. let me know if you come to philly ever. i would love for you to be my subject
    please check it out. i am the hottest balls out celebrity in philly.
    come to philly and ill hook you up with a couple 9 or 10s erik!

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