May I Sing With Me


Hark, Miltonians, we hail thee on this fine October morning.  The streets are damp, the leaves are bright, and the air is moist.  We have arrived.

ITEMS for Mid-October:

– HBO’s Jonathan Ames-penned Bored to Death continues at it’s…I guess we’ll say pace.  We’re watching it.  We like it most of the time.  We don’t hate it.  But what’s missing?  It’s something so subtle it’s like — the editing is off or something.  The lines are good, the actors say them well, and then, huh, it’s like a beat got dropped somewhere.  It doesn’t snap.  You know what I mean?  Schwartz used to say that about a good story, he’d snap his fingers a few times and say it has that. I guess that’s the problem, if we’re even going to consider it a problem (and we’re still not sure.)  It doesn’t have that.

– The Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 was released this week and we picked up a copy at the Gamestop in Pioneer Square.  We have a few options for getting games in our life — Amazon usually saves a few bucks but we don’t like waiting and we like going to stores and walking through doors and seeing things on shelves and selecting thing that we want and taking it to the counter and paying the nice lady or gentleman and then taking the thing back home with us and staring at it while we ride the MAX and being very excited for it and then finally letting ourselves into our homes and RUNNING up the stairs and throwing ourselves down on the bed with our shiny new thing, tearing off its plastic wrapper, and feeling aw man really good. Our other options are the PSU Campus Gamestop (kinda scenic in a college scene kinda way) and Fred Meyer’s — which is where we get our groceries but we love that we could go there and buy our organic groceries and our flatscreen TV and our Rogue Ales and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (on vinyl!) and our Mario ALL AT ONCE if we wanted to.  Anyhow we chose Pioneer Square because a.) it’s practically a mall and we love malls especially malls with escalators and b.) it was close to the little Russian mini-diner that we just discovered that had one little counter and one big Russian man behind it and 3 (Russian?) cops at a little table in the back and they served Lavatza coffee.  We bought one, in a “to-go” cup, with a yellow banana.  One scalding sip of Lavatza and we said “We deserve the new version of Fallout 3.” (It’s new because it has all of the downloadable extra content that has been coming out for the last year.  It’s got Alaska, and a boardwalk, and a spaceship, among other stuff).  So anyhow, we walked in through the glass doors, up the escalator, and then up the OTHER escalator (there’s so many escalators in this place) and then we bought the game.  Game safely in our backpack, we sipped the rest of our Lavatza out on chill October street and headed up the street to the carts, where we tried a different Vietnamese cart than our usual.  The lady was really glad to see us and her vibe was right on so we just said “Make us whatever your favorite thing is, with tofu!”  We took that home and ate it and boy were we glad.  Red peppers, onions, brown rice, broccolli, tasty tofu, mystery veggies (who knows!) and a curry sauce to die for.  For costing a mere six bucks we split this massive amount of perfect food into two different meals and were satisfied both times.  Next time you’re in town, we’ll take you there and you’ll be glad we did.

As for the game, so far, we really like it!


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