Further Suggestions


Finding The Perfect One Word Description of Your Morning Bikeride in October

We have two: crisp and brisk.  What are yours?


The Third Episode of the Fort Saint Davids Podcast

It’s available now, only on iTunes, for the very low price of free.  It’s a long one too, about a half hour of content.  The scoop: Erik Bader reads the first full chapter of The Pilot and the Panda.  Put your digital copy on the MP3 player of your choice — or just listen with leisure from the convenience of your home computer — and dig that prose!


Gandys Beach, NJ

We made this post exactly a year ago, and all the sentiments contained therein hold true today one year later.  Also: we’re planning on heading that way, this time in early November.  We never did make it to Gandys Beach that Autumn — we got lost in the Pine Barrens, chased by the military off of Ft. Dix, our shoes creaked the boardwalk of a late October Ocean City, and we got to see Molly the Cat in her new home in Wilmington.  Will we make it to GB this time?  Probably not.  What are the odds that us, or you, or anyone you know, will make it through a life without ever once setting foot in the brine-rich salty air and heavy-barnacled environs of Gandys Beach, New Jersey?  High to definite.  But if you can, do.  Because if you don’t, you won’t, and if no one ever does, then no one ever will.



It’s a PC game (and a Mac game).  It takes place in space.  It’s over ten years old.  And it’s still really good.  It was and still is considered a major pioneer in the RTS category.  That means “real time strategy.”  Orders, cap’n?  I read you.


Walking Up Vista to Council Crest Then Discovering The  Marquam Trail Then Getting Kind of Really Lost Then Walking Up Steep Dusty Cliff-Like Hills With Breathtaking Distant Cityviews Through The Trees And Crossing Wooden Bridges to OSHU Then Sitting At a Weird Bus Stop Across From a Convenience Store That Feels (And Sorta Is) Like it’s All On Top of the World Then Taking The 8 Bus to the PSU Campus Then Walking Home in the Urban Autumn Dark

Is there anything else we can say about this?  It’s a fern-gully dream, with D&D /Zelda style wooden walkways outta nowhere, steps in the forest, wildlife that cheeps and chimes, woodpeckers, and a feeling of Deep Magic.  Try it sometime, and don’t forget to take the 8 Bus down the steep windy hills right as the pre-dusk twilight has gone all peach/salmon all over everything.  Frickin’ gorgeous, meng.


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