The Miltonian Suggests


We always liked reading these and thought: why didn’t we come up with that idea?  But honestly it’s not really anyone’s idea, it’s just an idea, so we’re going to take it and kind of put our own spin on it.  The Ecstasy of Influence and whatnot.  So here we go, our personal spin.  The photos attached hail from Spring 2009, all snapped here in Portland.


Indian Autumn

Well, we got what we wanted: summer was extended a full month, by popular request.  Well now it’s Autumn, known to us by the hue of leaves outside our window as we look up into the cerulean blue sky and say oh hey come here look at this it’s an osprey, circling — observe as its trajectory takes it across the sun like an eclipse, light blasting through its feathers and illuminating its talons!  But it’s a warm Autumn, one that urges us to walk a little further on our afternoon jaunts, seeking vistas to look down from and sunlit patches to read our books in.  So we’re calling it Indian Autumn.  You should too.  It feels right, don’t it?



Hands down the greatest fake meat of all time.  It’s so beyond the concept of fake meat that it’s actually just real food.  Real good food.  Our suggestion?  Toss some down in some in a pan with a little baby spinach and some red peppers and throw the whole thing in a tortilla with shredded cheese, dash a little hot sauce up in that piece and you’re pretty much good to go.  Enjoy.

Fresh Hopped Beer

The hops don’t get dried out or stored or anything.  They get picked, fresh, and then within the hour they are thrown into the mix and the beer is made.  When done properly, the taste is so fresh and of the earth you suddenly realize: oh yeah, weird, beer is a vegetable.

Lorrie Moore

The current hype is about her current book.  We’re reading her previous book, Birds of America.  We cannot, cannot, cannot believe how much we are loving this.

The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

We really like listening to this, especially when we are doing dishes.  You just make sure to wear a shirt with a breast pocket.  Then you stuff the iPod in the breast pocket and put on the headphones and queue up the New Yorker Fiction Podcast.  Then you listen to something interesting, maybe it’s Richard Ford reading you a John Cheever story that nearly brings you to tears, or perhaps it’s John Updike’s former editor reading you a John Updike story and nearly bringing himself to tears.  Meanwhile you’re so engrossed in the thing that holy crap look you did it!  The dishes are done!


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