We’ll Come Back For Indian Summer


Hark, fellow Miltonians.  We’re back.  September has been a delight, a sun-warmed Indian Summerland of bright light and long shadows, beckoning citizens across our fair metropolis to lean and loaf at their ease, basking like cats.  Things return: Vaux’s Swifts to the Chapman School, Fringe on Fox, the Office on NBC, Mary from Montana, and our appetites for tightly packed poetry and dark and delicious ales.


Heads up East Coast: the Daily Miltonian will touch down in the Delaware Valley sometime during the first half of Novemeber.  The land sufficiently Autumnal, we will embark on a weeklong adventure including: New York City, the Brandywine Valley, the Pine Barrens, Rittenhouse Square, and Gandy’s Beach, in that exact and precise order.


In the meantime the aim is the keep busy by being lazy, which means no one is composing any music or penning any poems or painting any masterpieces, no, we’re too caught up in merely sufficing, which is to say, we’re alive, and we’re darn happy about it.  Whether you find us downtown eyeing up a movie marquee or in the back of a cafe sipping with a satisfaction, the conclusion is always the same: here we are now, entertain us.  There are books to be read, records to be absorbed, paintings to ogle and Bubbles to Bobble: our Gamertag is “pilotpandas” if you’re up to the challenge.

Fort Saint Davids Northwestern Explorer’s League: is there any place in Portland or the surrounding environs that you think the FSDNEL needs to check out or investigate?  Please let us know immediately.

We weren’t fans of Gary War at first.  But there we were, somewhere in the 20’s on NE Alberta, making our way to another Indian Summer barbecue, past mewling kittens in someone’s yard, and then there it all is, oh right, it’s Last Thursday, dancers, jugglers, beards, weirds, and really bad art.  We’re flipping through our tunes trying to find something to jam econo on the headphones and this one just kinda called out to us so we Qd it up and let it run loose, and really?  We were all right.  Real alien sounds meant to be blasted on low in a crowded strange street just like this one, but makes sure sky is sunsetting and that the clouds are real far away and don’t forget to keep yr eye on them as you make your way down the tripped up street, finding the lost, and feeling just fine.  Highspeed drift.


Fort Saint Davids Podcast continues!  There are currently two episodes available for FREE download on the Apple iTunes store and there is a third recorded and uploaded — it’s just a matter of our trusty tech dept. head Alex Zahradnik getting to it.  Make sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button so you never miss an episode.  How is it going?  It’s OK.  I’ll admit that having read the second full chapter it occurred to me how much I dislike that old book, so it’ll be a feat if I make it through reading the whole thing — then again, will you even listen to the whole thing?  Please direct your constructive feedback to the comments sections of the Daily Miltonian so we can get a dialogue going about what exactly everyone wants and needs and is getting from the Fort Saint Davids podcast.  I may take to reading newer material in some of the later episodes, just to mix things up (and to remind listeners — and myself! — that I’m a much better writer in 2009 than when I sat down to begin writing The Pilot and the Panda in 1998.)


Also please note that if you prefer the compact disc format we do offer hand-made CD-R editions of our podcast in the form of the above CD.  Please contact erikbader@gmail.com if you are interested in getting one of these and I’m sure we can work something out.  Each disc comes encased in a sturdy cardboard sleeve and is adorned with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork by the lovely Mary Doyle.  They’re pretty special.

Our Brew of the Week is the Alameda Black Bear XX Stout.  Although we may still frolic the days away in the T-Shirted Indian Summer, the nights do get cool so it’s the perfect time to pour a good, dark, local beer, such as the Alameda Black Bear XX Stout, brewed right here in Portland.  We enjoyed this one with some homemade veggie sushi and Trading Places on DVD while the family cat snacked in the kitchen, but you do it as you feel.  As a Miltonian, it’s always your choice.

Hard to believe the Daily Miltonian is nearly three years old.  We’ll keep you posted on how we’re going to celebrate.


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