I Walk The Line

Fort Saint Davids and all of us here at the Daily Miltonian would like to give a Warm and Loud Birthday Hurrah to our co-founder and main man about town, the one and only Mr. Erik Bader.  It’s 2009, so don’t count on too many cards or phonecalls.  Instead, check your Gmail, wait for text message Happy Birthdays on your phone, watch your Facebook blow up with comments from people who have been electronically informed by Facebook that it is indeed your birthday, and hey what the heck you might as well check that rusty old Myspace to see who has been left behind and has been forgotten but have not themselves forgotten.  I’d say check the Friendster too but there’s feeling older in the normal way and there’s feeling older in the Much Weirder Way so on second thought let’s just skip that one because we know what is best for ourselves.  Felicem diem natalam.  May you now learn the mystery of the Rolling Rock number in quotes.


What does it really mean?

In Pop News, we have now found the answer to What the Fuck Are We Ever Going To Do With Ourselves Now That True Blood Is Just About Over, well, we have found an answer not once, but thrice.

This one is a no-brainer.  It’s no secret that this was our Lost away from Lost in 2008-09 and this year’s fresh season should prove no different.  Second up we’ve got the return of the Office (season 6 now?  Wow, yeah, did we mention it’s our birthday and we’re getting older?).  Third, oh do we have one for you.  

You see those three dudes?  Like — really?  Together in one show — no not a movie but an honest-to-God serialized every week HBO drama life-giving goodness style show?  Written by what the fuck Jonathan Ames?  This shit’s so Indie they even got John Hodgeman up in it as what looks to be a fucking literary agent (remember when he was Neal Pollack’s literary agent at the 2001 215 Fest?  We do.)  Well fuckity fuck we’re biting on this one.  Here’s the goddamn trailer:

So yep, see you there.


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