Fort Saint Davids Presents: Fort Saint Davids


Fort Saint Davids and the Daily Miltonian are proud to present our not first — the first was 2005’s Today’s Vibe on — but second ever official podcast, this one humbly titled Fort Saint Davids. Just enter “Fort Saint Davids” into your iTunes store search engine and you’ll find it in no time.  Make sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button as there’s already a second episode in the can which should be up in no time.  The premise?  Our humble narrator Erik Bader is reading from his 2001 novel “The Pilot and the Panda”, all near 800 pages of it.  Can it be done?  Should it be done?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, get your FREE subscription to FORT SAINT DAVIDS set up now and start downloading tonight!

Additionally, there will be a limited edition Compact Disc available with handmade sleeves by Mary Doyle and liners by the author at our latest Official Event this Sunday at Worksound, here in Portland, Oregon.  This Compact Disc will include the first THREE episodes of Fort Saint Davids, and make a great addition to any audiobook or aural literature collection.  We hope to see you there — we’ve got a good feeling about this one!


2 thoughts on “Fort Saint Davids Presents: Fort Saint Davids

  1. For all of you Portland folks, here are a couple literary events that I’d like to recommend. Frank Portman (aka Dr. Frank of The Mr. T Experience and author of King Dork) published his 2nd novel, Andromeda Klein, last week and has two upcoming events to support the release in the Portland area. Wish I could go myself, but I’m on the wrong end of the country… In addition to literary promotions, I’ve heard that he always brings his guitar with him…. always a bonus if you happen to be a fan of MTX.

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