Announcement: Fort Saint Davids Is Proud To Announce Our Latest Literary Event


Q. What is the title of the new Fort Saint Davids Event?

A. The title is Novels in Progress.

Q. Who will be reading from their novels in progress?

A. Erik Bader and Matthew Korfhage.

Q. What are the names of these novels in progress?

A. Erik Bader will be reading from The New American Novel.  Matthew Korfhage will read from L’Atalante.  Obviously, these being works in progress the titles are tentative.  But they are confirmed as the titles that will be used for this reading.

Q. Date and time and location?

A. Sunday, August 30th 2009, 7:30pm, at Worksound PDX, 820 SE Alder.

Q. Refreshments?

A. Beer and wine.

Q. Music?

A. Only the best selection, selected by the readers.

Q. Intermission?

A. It is the Fort Saint Davids policy that all of our events include an intermission.  Readings are long and no one is allowed to talk, that’s why you need a break to hear a few tunes, refill your glass, smoke a cig, say hi to your pals who arrived late, hug a stranger, and stretch your legs.

Q. After party?

A. Always.  Except this time everyone gets invited.  Most likely at a bar in the neighborhood.  Unless you got a place nearby and you want a whole bunch of literary weirdos up in your piece.  In which case: invite us, and we’ll bring the case.

Q. Literature for sale? 

A. This time we’re hoping so.  Maybe some lo-fi one-off Kinkos-budget copies of The Pilot and the Panda, perhaps True Jersey, Volume One.  Maybe even the complete Twenty Stories About Twenty Towns in New Jersey, in a one-off limited edition.  We’re running out of time, but we’re discussing.

Q.  Is that it?

A.  We’ll do another interview here on the Miltonian before the event occurs.  We strive to be thorough.


One thought on “Announcement: Fort Saint Davids Is Proud To Announce Our Latest Literary Event

  1. I wish I could come – bound on the east coast by finances and domestic responsibilities. Will there be a live feed, perchance?

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