Heading towards the final handful of chapters for Summer 2009, here’s a fresh batch of notes to ease you in.

NOTE: Your trusted author is not after all visiting the City of Brotherly Love and its environs at the end of Summer 2009.  Your trusted author just got hired full time at his day job.  Congrats, trusted author.

NOTE: Despite the limited amounts of time we’ve got here, we’re still living the way we wanna.

Catan, on Xbox 360:  This one is 100% Mary.  She’s loving it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, on DVD: How did we never watch this show before?  It’s like — too true.

Mt. Tabor: The following is from a recent email exchange:

Ryer and I grabbed set of four 32oz High Lifes at 7-11 and went up to the side of Mt. Tabor last night — but not before grippin a big a$$ bag of ICE and a few plastic bags. We got up there just around sunset and we poured the ice into the bags and jabbed the bottles in em. The first set of 32’s was good, real smooth and cool. But by the time we go to the second round by God that was maybe the coldest beer I done ever had. Even Ryer couldn’t believe it.

“Ryer,” I said. “This is one COLD motherfuckin beer.”

“Amen,” he said, and drank.

Livability by Jon Raymond: Looking for a book of quality short stories about 21st century Portland and the surrounding areas?  Well here you go.

ITEM: Trumer Pils.  Voted hands down as the Fort Saint Davids drink of Summer 2009.  We messed around with some local gins, some homemade tonics, some nearby wines, some really expensive scotch.  It was good, it was fine.  But we’re settling down with the Trumer.  It’s light, it’s refreshing, it won’t mess up your stomach or get you drunk too fast or burn a hole in your wallet.  And best of all, it’s on TAP, at Valentine’s, our downtown spot.  You just can’t beat it.


One thought on “Penultimate

  1. Full time job? Check (and big congrats)
    Catan? Check.
    Larry David? Check.
    Trumer pils Valentine’s evenings? Check.
    Cabin camping porch swinging slinking behind waterfalls for glimpses of mystic natural wonders and waterfowls? Soon to come…

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