Here we are again, another fine Saturday, another entry for the Daily Miltonian.  Some updates on things hitherto unknown and now accepted as GOOD: Lost Lake, True Blood, Morningstar Chicken + Homemade biscuits, Rabbit Redux, Fables, and canoes (in general).


Today’s photographic supplements hail from the crisp early Autumn of 2007.  Why not?  Our histories still matter.  So how’s your summer getting started so far?  Have you been in water yet?  We haven’t.  The water is too cold, here in the Northern part of the West.  We’ve been NEAR it though, sitting by anenome/crab/barnacle/swirl tidal pools next to the Pacific Ocean, or seated on the reedy banks of the Sandy River diggin in a bag of chips, or ON it, floating serenely in a canoe on an alpine lake.  Here at the Miltonian, we dig water, and its our hope that you do too.


Looks like we won’t be heading back East this summer.  Instead, we’re heading South — to California, SF to be exact.  We’ve got some people down there right now.  We’ve got some people here right now.  West Coast is where we’re all at, for the moment.  Here’s to hoping the moment lasts.


Not much else to report except that we’re still just so crazy about it, about this life and these places and our people.  We’re reading books, renting movies, enjoying comics and just laying around a whole bunch.  Summer is leisure.  We’ve got no pressing projects per say, no life-altering ideas or genre-bending concepts to speak of.  We’re just here, and to tell the truth it’s a place we’re been trying to get to for a long time.  A real long time.  So yeah, we’re happy to be here.  It should go without saying that we’re happy that you’re here too.


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