Everything Crash

Weather’s been cooling to a crisp these days, which would make for nice sleeping if the Wind-Up bird hadn’t taken up a 6am residence in the tree outside our window.  No matter!  If he’s up to catch the worm, so are we, and off we go.

Talk is in the pipeline about a proper Fort Saint Davids website, sort of a streamlined version of our old True Jersey site — the ghost link of which is here.  There’s also some talk about doing this in conjunction with Kindle versions of True Jersey, Volume One and The Pilot and the Panda, as well as actual booklet version of Cherry Hill and some previews of the New American Novel.

WARNING: No posting will occur next week on official GTFO the Internet Week. As in: no Internet.  Swimming, yes, hiking, of course, DVD watching, why not, park grazing, always, book reading, intense, but Web Browsing?  No sir.  De-frag your Mind, uninstall your Web Browser for one week! See you at the barbecue.

Speaking of DVD watching, what serialized television show should we add to our Summer Projects list?  We keep hearing about this one:

We’re the worst with these shows though.  We made it barely to Season 3 of Battlestar before losing interest, got bogged down somewhere around Season 4 of Buffy, barely made it into Season 2 of Deadwood before giving up — and everyone shouts: but that’s when they get good!  It’s like we lack some kind of…dedication.


MOVIES, IN THEATERS:  Nice to see we’re getting a decent spread this summer, instead of just the popcorn flick targeted at Who We Were In 1986 (Transformers! GI Joe!) there’s also a new Woody Allen flick (cannot WAIT for this one.  He wrote the script in the 70’s at the height of his powers!  And it’s got Larry David!  WIN WIN!) and what? That Mendes/Eggers/Jim from the Office flick actually ISN’T some kind of Generation Y2K Garden State Deux groaner?  That’s what we’re hearing, which truth be told was what we were hoping.  Look, we’re not that jaded, ok?  We DO have heartstrings, and a little bit of hope, and we do believe in Magic.  So yeah, impress us, give us something to feel.  We’re not so dead that we still can’t feel.  Just don’t manipulate us.  Just don’t feed it to us.  Give it to us.  Gently.  That’s it.  There you go.  Ah.  Thank you.

WHATEVS THOUGHT OF THE DAY:  It just occurred to me that I haven’t read Pitchfork in months.  Owing a lot to the terrible and rendered unreadable redesign, but mostly to its Total Irrelevance to my life and I guess the music that matters to me in general.  Did Pitchfork kill music forever?  By making every review exactly the same it seems to have made every band exactly the same.  Everything reviewed on Pitchfork sounds like music reviewed on Pitchfork?  What exactly am I saying?  Alchemy, I tell you.  Real weirdness.  Pitchfork scares me.  Avoid.  Worst New Music.


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