Reminder: Give the Gift of the Miltonian

We’ve suggested this before but we’re enforcing it now: it’s time to do your part as a Miltonian and send our oft-hard-to-remember URL to a friendly soul you know whom you think would enjoy reading the Miltonian, possibly even Daily. Daily? It’s always been a goal. The truth is though, we’re the ones at the control board so we’re the ones who see how often you’re reading us. The truth? Often. But the numbers? High, yes, we’d never say there aren’t a lot of you out there. But there are not enough. The numbers don’t increase. Why not? For one, we’re not aggressive in our marketing (read: there is no marketing). We don’t link other blogs, or even really interact with them. We don’t even call ourselves a blog (we call ourselves an online magazine). The only way we’re going to expand our community is through our community. We have never asked you for much, besides your patience and an open mind, so when we humbly ask you to send our URL to someone you know and trust know that you’re not only doing something good for them, you’re doing something good for all of us. Higher numbers means more posts, from us, Fort Saint Davids, your hosts. Enticing, right? Look we know we’ve been lax, slack, maybe even lazy when it comes to providing you, the citizen, with the Miltonian indulgences you’ve come to expect. We know. And we’re sorry. But that’s all going to change. Work with us. And we’ll work for you.

Your humble servants,

Fort Saint Davids


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