Fort Saint Davids Summer Blockbuster

Can you feel it?  Convergences the likes of which no one has seen since SF in ’68 are happeing right here where we lay our heads, the town where we hang our hat at night, the place we wake up to: Portland, OR.  Telephone arrived quickly.  Much later: Ryer.  And now Vee?!  YES.  With three (3!) visits from Zigz so far and guest appearances from everyone from Steph Smith to Reason, there’s never been a lack of an, er, reason to say yeah!  Here we are!  And now this week the almighty ALEXANDER ZAHRADNIK, co-founder of Fort Saint Davids and this very online magazine that you hold in your hands now will be in town.  Huzzah!  Next up: CARR.

ITEMS WE ARE LOOKING FOR: External Monitor / Keyboard / maybe even a new mouse.  NEW TAPEDECK FOR THE FSD SOUND SYSTEM (old one, a glorious Technics model from the 80’s, is busted).  Contact if you have any of these things you are willing to part with.







ALSO INTERESTED IN: any small wooden owls (Wowls) you are willing to send to us, for our offices.  It’s a vibe, and we’re working on it.

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Team Fortress, 2, on Steam.  Steam on a Mac!?  We’ve got Windows 7 on the Bootcamp flipside.  We suggest you do the same.  The beta is free and lasts over a year.  And it works!  Is it OS X?  Aw hell naw.  But it’s works, and we’re PC gaming now with ease.  It’s kinda fun!

CURRENTLY READING: The Franchiser by Stanley Elkin, and The Lime Twig, by John Hawkes.  Two heavies.  Both excellent.  Also on the side: Money by Martin Amis.  Hey, why not?

LOVED: Star Trek.

HEARD THEY SUCKED, WISHED IT WASN’T TRUE: Terminator: Salvation and Wolverine.  Aw.

SHOWS WE SAW IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS (WE SAW MANY)): Windy & Carl (sublime!), Animal Collective (not kidding we walked out halfway through, what happened to these guys?) Black Dice/Wolf Eyes (THE show of the year.  Top Black Dice, someone, please.  This band has come so far it’s like further than even that.  It’s furthest.  It’s OUT.  We loved it.)  Chain and the Gang (Ian, thank you for being a performer in an era of recitals.  Rock and roll, it is still real.)

MAGAZINES WE ARE READING:  The Wire is failing to deliver information or quality writing that we couldn’t just find on the, goddammit, on the Internet.  Come on, Wire!  The Believer doesn’t even feel clever.  It just feels silly.  Like, what’s the point?  You knew this thing, you’re telling me, but why?  Do you really want me to know or did you just have to write that?  I don’t know, there’s a click we want, and it doesn’t click.  Harper’s?  Worst issues we’ve maybe ever read.  Their attitude got buried by four years of Bush rage and we’re left with a dull, twitching thing.  The most Essential Magazine has become a chore.  We are still subbed, however, waiting for them to prove us wrong.  They’ve got Wyatt Mason.  I guess that’s it?  The New Yorker, however, is a treat pretty much every week.  How does it keep getting better?  And yet it does.  Pete S. on the art, Alex Ross holding down the refined music talk in a language we can read while Sasha – okay so Sasha always writes about something two years later (Grizzly Bear LOL) – Lane/Denby holding down the meanest movie reviews ANYWHERE and we love it.  Hell you still get the occasional Woody Allen Shouts & Murmurs.  And who doesn’t read Tables for Two every week just to read the breeziest yet tightest writing ever about food YOU WILL NEVER EAT.  Golly, here at the Miltonian we love us some New Yorker.  Is it next week yet?


2 thoughts on “Fort Saint Davids Summer Blockbuster

  1. as i agree 100% on the assessments on black dice & animal collective, maybe we’d agree on magazines: try monocle.
    it makes me feel like i live in the world. it’s pretty great.

  2. Frost, you ever hear that bootleg of the Haverford Animal Collective show that we were at? The whole opening is ruined because you’re trying to bum a smoke off of me and I’m like “You don’t smoke!”

    Give us a link for Monocle. We could use Google but we prefer asking real people. That’s just how we do.

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