Out There

Sunday arrives, and the Miltonian is here to greet it.  Here’s your items for May 10th, 2009.  As always, in no particular order.

ITEM: The New York Times wrote travel articles about both of our principal cities today.  The Portland one is well considered to the point of hysteria: the guy really can’t believe just how good we have it here (of course, neither can we).  As is inevitable with Virtual Media Hype, some of our secret spots got blown up — including the mighty Paper of Record backing us up on Spella > Stumptown.  We told you it’s better.

The Philadelphia one is depressing beyond belief, explaining that some of the major points of interest are a few year old sterile yuppipster bowling alley and a cafe we all got tired of in 1999 (the guy even eats my old “usual” for breakfast to drive home the static menu.)  Times, we’ve never questioned our choice of relocation, but if you’re trying to tell us something, well, it’s telling.  For extra credit, watch the slideshows that accompany each link.  Some great pix in each.

ITEM: We’ve been saying as such for years but now it’s time to make it official: the Pink Lady is the greatest tasting apple of all time.  We’ve got a basked of them right now on the Miltonian Desk, to be crunched on between entries.  Hold on a second.  Crrrrrrrrrrnunch.  Ah: much better.

ITEM: Tonight’s To Do Debate is a shooting match between Star Trek, Michael Hurley, and a BBQ at Joe Vee’s.  Who just raised their hand and said all three?

Till next time, keep it Miltonian.


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