Slow Century

Hello again, another transmission from Fort Saint Davids.  It’s May now, season of mists and sun, new beginnings and closed chapters.  We’re already brainstorming as to what the next FSD event will be and when the sun is out like it is today we get to thinking: let’s do some amazing things.  We want to read in parks, we want to release cassette music, we want to draw pictures in the sand on the beach and photograph the pictures and share them with you.  We want to arrange seaweed into letters that form words that make poems, written only for you.  We want to drink Slurpees standing outside of 7-11s all across America.  But hey.  We’ll settle for Oregon.

Big things are happening.  Old friendships rekindled.  New eras.  Interesting times.  We’re sitting on benches, in parks, reading newspapers.  We’re sipping cane sugar soda on any street corner, eager for what comes next.  We’re lost in the woods behind neighborhoods.  We’re high up on a roof, looking down upon the city below.  We’re in this.

We’re behind on sharing our documents, photographs, items of interest, but we have not forgotten you.  These things are forthcoming.  Thank you for your patience.


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