Free Comic Book Day

Everyone loves free things, and everyone loves comics, so today, May 2nd, is a no-brainer: get in the car, on the bike, or just start walking, go to your local comic book store, and you, favored Miltonian that you are,  will receive comic books, for free.  That’s right kids and kidettes, it’s Free Comic Book Day in America.

The Miltonian staff will be present at Floating World Comics today at 4pm.  Nothing crazy, no big event or presentation or even an extended hang.  We’ll just be picking up our free comics.  Hope to see you there.  Afterwards we will work on our Burgertime high scores at our trusty downtown arcade Ground Kontrol (Mary’s working on Frogger). Then off for a leisurly stroll, likely high up in the hills, in search of sunset vistas.  Then back to the Lodge for our Saturday Evening Feast.  The feature film for the night?  Star Trek (1979).  I mean what the hell, right?  It’s Free Comic Book Day.


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