Get Out

Coming in on the second half of April now, Miltonians all across town celebrate the first real nuzzle-nudges of Spring’s gentle return to our fair lands.  Things are happening, now.  Our second Fort Saint Davids Portland event came and went, a smashing success.  It gives us ideas, not just for our own event but for the future of our literary endeavor.  We’re considering, for the first time in a number of years, of making books again.  We tried it, back in the days of the Philadelphia Independent. but the price tag was too steep, the effort to great, the risks too much.  We were broke, brother, and no one would give us a dime.  But perhaps a system of pre-orders, using the now-advanced powers of the Interwebs, and our network, you, the proud, the faithful, the Miltonians.  Get enough orders to pay for the product.  Produce the product.  How interested would you be in a print version of the Daily Miltonian?  Or a forty page booklet containing Erik Bader’s Cherry Hill. Or the complete Twenty Stories About Twenty Towns in New Jersey?

Let us know.


4 thoughts on “Get Out

  1. man. you are a total douche. stay on the west coast. if true jersey was your best work id hate to see your other shit.

  2. j d failinger?

    Miltonian: your work is good. it will find its audience, now or then. and. in the mean time, you will have DONE IT.

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