The Sunday Funnies + Meals Pt. 1

Rainy as all get out here in town right now, nothing for anyone to do but hunker down with the Sunday Funnies and a Mr. Goodbar and just wait.  Speaking of waiting, we’ve been saying forever that we were going to share some of our SW Lodge Meal Tickets with you — that is to say, the homecooked unbelievableness that we’ve been feasting on pretty much every night now since forever — so we’re making good on our promise and delivering the goods.  Here goes the first batch:

Nacho Supreme.  Put on some Mississippi Records, and just CHILL with a plate of this stuff.  Good times.

Handcut fries, homemade sauce, lemon.  HOOKED up.

Just your basic essential lunch, veggie burgers and some quality reading material.  An afternoons delight.

Here at the SW Goose Hollow Lodge, everyone gets a meal, including our Four-Fold Crested/Fluffed Neighborhood Sentinel Cats (Sentinel as they keep watch over our block, keeping spirits and bad vibes hell far away.  Dig?  Anyhow, best to keep ’em FED.

Straight up goodness.

Friday Night Party Time.  The bread is our Signature Homemade® Series.  We’re getting better and better at it, getting that bread just right.  Bread = the Staff of Life.  And TOTS with our own special spicy sauce, well, it just can’t be beat.  For desert, fruit.

More pictures to come.  Got veggie recipies to share?  Drop us a line, we’re always down to try whatever.  Till then: Keep on Miltonian!


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